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Buy Cardano Ada and delegate to MBCG pool

Would you like to learn more and join our amazing community? 

Your journey starts with knowledge.
Learn why Blockchain will change the world.

Why Cardano will soon dawn the crown.

And why you can trust in Mirai for your most precious investment, your future.  

Need a new wallet?

Store your crypto currency in your own digital wallet and never lose control. 

Daedalus is a full node wallet, which means you download a full copy of the Cardano blockchain and independently validates every transaction in its history.

Yoroi is a light wallet that does not download the blockchain when you open it. It can be accessed as a Chrome extension, or as a phone app (iOS and Andriod).

And if you're ready for a smart contract capable Cardano wallet then look no further then Nami.

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Earn High Rewards

Your Ada is never at risk when delegated to a pool. You have 100% control over your funds at any time.

Your return on investment comes in the form of crypto rewards. These "rewards" are paid out each time Mirai writes a new "block" in a given crypto chain. For Cardano, that's every Epoch, 5 days.

Once earned, crypto can be exchanged for regular currency or other crypto via a crypto exchange.

H.O.D.L to Maximize Profits


The value of crypto currency is expected to increase many times over. Holding onto the "coins" you earn to take advantage of this increase is called "Holding On for Dear Life." 

Meet The Team

professional image Hartenstein (2).jpg

Jamal Hartenstein, JD

  • LinkedIn

Founder and Cyber Data Privacy Law


Aaron Resnikoff

  • LinkedIn

Founder and Sr. Security Engineer

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